Clinical Benefits

Hemosep offers a significant number of clinical benefits when utilised for intraoperative cell salvage:

  • Patient receives their own blood back
  • Decreased need for blood transfusion
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Maintenance of platelet population
  • Reduction in inflammatory molecules
  • Reduced risk of contamination or reaction
  • Reduction in donor demand
  • Improved patient recovery
  • Preservation of normal clotting function
  • Reduction in post-operative complications

Cardiac Application

Cardiac surgeryHaemoconcentration has been conducted for many years, either during an operative procedure, or more commonly on the residual blood left in the CPB system at its termination, to concentrate the blood cells prior to re-administration to the patient.

The Hemosep cell salvage device can be utilised to ultra-filtrate residual blood following the termination of the CPB system. This approach reduces the need for donor blood and associated products, therefore reducing the risks associated with donor blood.

To collect the blood left in the heart lung machine, the Hemosep concentrator bag can simply be connected to the tubing below the reservoir for gravity fill applications, or connected to the tubing above the reservoir to pump blood directly into the Hemosep concentrator bag.

Intraoperative application

Intraoperative_cell_salvageAdditional developments to the Hemosep technology have resulted in the option to utilise the device for intraoperative cell salvage. The use of the Hemosep intraoperative device presents a wealth of application possibilities, with the inclusion of the intraoperative suction tool and blood reservoir the device could be used during any blood loss procedure. Using the suction tool, blood can be aspirated directly from the surgical site into the blood reservoir, where it is then pumped directly into the Hemosep concentrator bag for processing.

Using a unique ultrafiltration technique, the device is able to effectively produce a high quality blood product in order to aid the patient recovery time and dramatically reduce the need for donor blood and associated products.

The intraoperative option is available to give health care professionals flexibility of use by utilising the suction capabilities of the device and assessing the appropriate direction to either filter the blood or disregard and take other action. The Hemosep consumables are packed in separately sterilised packaging making them available via difference ordering codes. By designing the device in this way, Advancis Surgical are able to increase health care professionals flexibility and help control surgical costs.

The Hemosep consumables are available as the following:

  • Hemosep Shaker device
  • Concentrator kit
  • Spike applicator
  • Intraoperative Suction Wand and Tubing
  • Intraoperative Suction Wand -Single
  • Intraoperative Blood Reservoir and Internal Pump
  • Intraoperative Kit consisting of: Wand, Spare Wand, Tubing, Blood Reservoir and Internal Pump