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About us

Brightwake brings together the knowledge from its brand portfolio, to create an end to end design & development company, specialising in medical device manufacturing. Based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom, our talented team of researchers, designers and engineers are responsible for some of the world’s leading innovations today.

We have a long standing reputation as being one of the best at solving manufacturing and production related problems, providing inventive solutions to companies servicing the professional medical, cosmetic, industrial, retail and aviation industries.

Founded in 1979, Brightwake’s strength is driven through our no nonsense approach to product development and problem solving through our highly skilled engineering department and portfolio of brands.

In 2004 we launched Advancis Medical, which is now one of the leading international medical wound care companies, focusing on marketing the developments Brightwake has inspired.

Making the impossible possible

Advancis Medical

Launched through the development of medical innovation from Brightwake, Advancis Medical is fast building an international reputation for marketing a range of advanced wound care products. This includes the launch of Manuka honey dressings into the NHS and the worldwide market place.


Advancis Medical

Advancis Surgical

Advancis Surgical was launched in 2012 to create a platform serving the operating room environment with a focus towards ground-breaking medical device technologies Brightwake has developed using the company’s established strong international presence.


Advancis Surgical

About Brightwake

As a portfolio we are constantly looking to improve,
innovate and design.