18. SHOT compliance.

SHOT manages and records data surrounding adverse effects of incorrect blood types being given; it also recommends processes to ensure the wrong blood type does not get transfused into the wrong patient. In the Hemosep system each blood collection bag includes an area to formally write down the patient’s details. In line with SHOT guidelines correct patient identification is crucial to prevent wrong blood (IBCT) incidents. The bedside check is an essential step to ensure that the correct blood component is given to the patient and to detect errors that may have occurred earlier in the transfusion process. This situation assumes that the processed blood is being done whilst the patient is transferred away from theatre. However, if the device is located close to the CPB machine, the blood can be directly pumped into the concentration bag, valve closed, processed on the shaker, collection bag valve opened to release blood into the blood collection bag, hung up and then directly transfused back to the patient ensuring continued connection to the overall circuit.

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