Cost Benefits

Hemosep_cost of platelets_cost of blood_postoperative bleedingHemosep can introduce significant cost savings to the clinical teams that use it by reducing the need to add platelets to a patient and therefore also reducing the risk of postoperative bleeding.

Cost of Platelets

Currently in the UK, a bag of platelets costs £209.301,2 per bag, with an average of 1.21,3 bags used per patient transfusion. Hemosep’s unique superabsorber does not remove the platelets from the patient’s blood. By salvaging these cells in a more economical way, Hemosep can save around £150 per patient. Across the NHS, this would amount to approximately £10m a year.

Postoperative bleeding

Platelets are the smallest of the blood cells with the function of helping the blood to clot. The presence of platelets in transfused blood is essential to aid in the reduction of postoperative bleeding. Postoperative bleeding can be a major problem associated with major surgery and can result in the patient returning to theatre for re-exploration. By recycling the patient’s own blood and returning the platelets and therefore the clotting agents to the patient, Hemosep potentially reduces the risk of postoperative bleeding, thereby avoiding the need for patients to return to theatre. The potential cost and clinical benefits of this are significant.

Cost of Blood

Currently in the UK, the total cost of blood and components per average transfusion is £968.754. The total cost of Hemosep per average transfusion is £2405,6,7. Over 30,000 heart bypass operations are carried out in the UK every year with just over half needing blood8. If the Hemosep technology were to be applied to these heart bypasses alone the savings made by the NHS would be considerable, giving the NHS greater flexibility in blood spending allocation.

Downloadable posters regarding the savings that can be made by using Hemosep and further references can be found on our Brochures page.


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