Saving the NHS money with Advancis Surgical

iStock_000005132531MediumThe Government recently released a new procurement development programme for the NHS, which aims to reduce unnecessary spending on goods and services to provide better value and better care.

The NHS currently spends £4.5bn on clinical supplies and services and although the NHS reforms are already making £1.5bn of annual back office savings by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, there is still a huge amount that needs to be saved.

NHS procurement needs to deliver £1.5bn in savings by 2015-16 just to stand still and counter inflation; however this can all be achieved by improving the way it purchases supplies and devices.

The Hemosep device from Advancis Surgical offers a cost effective solution within the cell salvage/ blood transfusion field without compromising on quality of care and affecting the clinician’s need to choose the right product for the patient.

Hemosep has advantages over traditional, and more expensive, blood transfusion methods as it reduces the risk of contamination, reaction and post-operative complications.

A bag of platelets in the UK currently costs £209.30 per bag, with an average 1.2 bags used per patient transfusion. By salvaging these cells in a more economical way, Hemosep can save around £150 per patient. Across the NHS, this would amount to approximately £10m a year.

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