Like all the best ideas, Hemosep’s strength lies in the simplicity of its concept and application. The Hemosep device salvages blood lost during high blood loss surgery and recycles the blood so that it can be transfused back to the patient.

Hemosep is unique. The device is designed to concentrate the residual blood during and after an operative procedure, returning all cell species including platelets as well as red blood cells back to the patient. This reduces post-operative bleeding and therefore improves patient outcomes.

Fast, simple cell concentration with improved patient outcomes.High blood loss surgery

  • Patient’s own blood is transfused, reducing the risk of contamination and reaction
  • Decreased need for donor blood and associated transfusion products, leading to a reduction in donor dependancy
  • Assists in the reduction of post-operative bleeding, resulting in improved patient recovery
  • Maintenance of platelet population means there is preservation of normal clotting function
  • Reduction in inflammatory molecules, resulting in a reduction in post-operative complications
  • Hemosep is easy to use. Very little specialist knowledge is required and training is provided
  • A cost effective alternative to existing cell salvage devices and/or blood transfusion


The Hemosep device concentrates blood by removing the fluid component of whole blood, the plasma, from a pooled volume of blood salvaged during, or at the end of high blood loss surgery. The technique for removing the plasma from the blood product, leading to concentration of the cellular components, is fairly simple but involves a number of critical steps and controls.Intraoperative Cell Salvage

The Hemosep device consists of:

  1. The Hemosep bag
  2. Hemosep Shaker Unit
  3. A blood collection bag for the collection of processed blood
  4. Intraoperative pump, suction and blood reservoir


The Hemosep bag is the active processing section of the device and consists of three parts:

Hemosep bag_blood reclycling_cell salvage_platelet therapy

  1. The blood bag – this houses the technology (the filter membrane and the super absorbent pad) and blood whilst it is filtered
  2. Filter membrane – this has a unique size pore structure to control what is able to pass through during filtration, so that no cellular components can pass into the super absorbent pad
  3. Super absorbent pad – this absorbs all unwanted blood products in the filter membrane during filtration, turning them into a gel-like substance for easy disposal once complete